Terms and Conditions

ePayItOnline is the best legitimate portal to pay unpaid medical bills online. Unlike last time, people were reluctant to pay their medical bills online. With many other concerns about patients and their caregivers in mind, DMA developed this initiative to establish and implement a trusted channel that would allow taxpayers to pay safely and conveniently on epayitonline.com.

It’s a simple and easy way to see and pay your medical bill without having to go to the doctor. It offers the most convenient, affordable and reliable payment options for your medical bills.

ePayItOnline Terms of Service

Below are some of the conditions that you should take into account before using the ePayItOnline portal:

  • An identification code is required to access your account on this portal. This is a unique number assigned to your medical bills so that only you can access them.
  • To connect to the portal, you also need the access code for your doctor’s account or the one you received by email. It is a two-point verification system. For payment to be made online, both numbers must match the doctor’s account number.
  • With a stable internet connection, you can pay your bills online without interruptions. Please note that only the online version of this portal is available.

  • To access the portal you need a mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop.
  • In order to pay your invoices on the platform, you must register.
  • Signing up for ePayItOnline to pay medical bills has been made easier with the official login. Paying medical bills online is easy with the portal above.

The ePayItOnline portal was created to make it easy to pay your medical bills online from any device. The patient can use this web portal to change their account status, view their account, benefits, personal information, and insurance information.

Created by Data Media Associates (DMA), this portal allows patients to pay their medical bills using CodeID. You must have an account with ePayItOnline if you have undergone a medical exam and want to pay your bill online.